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Whether you’re a professional, a family, a student or you’re looking for Berlin apartment for rent; we can help. The Berlin rental market is notoriously difficult to access and very time-consuming.

We help both private individuals and corporate clients to find and successfully move into both the rental and real estate markets. The service you receive is cost-effective and stress-free.

Our professional team has local knowledge and a wide range of contacts who tell us about available properties before they are released on the general market.

Our Berlin Apartment Finding and Support Service Includes:

Find your ideal home or investment quickly and easily!

Rental Flats Search

Easy Move Berlin makes finding your apartment in Berlin simple. Our professional team will consult with you to understand your requirements and then we will search. This leaves you free to focus on your busy life at home and work.


Ready to Buy A Berlin Property?

There is a lot to consider when buying a property in Berlin, whether it’s for private use or investment. Our team will guide you throughout, from finding the what you want to the buying process.


Relocation For Corporate Employees

Coordinating the movement of staff to another city can be incredibly difficult. Leave it to us to handle the local bureaucracy while your employee is free to spend their time working.


Other Services​

In addition, we can visit and review properties for you, handle visa proceedings and provide you with general consulting on the Berlin real estate market.

New service

The new Berlin rental law the “Mietendeckel” was passed in favor of the Berlin tenants. As much as it’s great to it made it harder to find apartments in the city. Many of your have hard from us “sorry we can’t help you”. It took us a bit time but we come up with a new solution. 

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Meet Our Team

Discover the team at Easy Move Berlin
Rotem - Clients & Management

“For me, nothing beats handing over the front door key to clients in exchange for a happy and excited smile. Throughout my time in the business world, helping others is what has led me to the majority of my successes. I have my ways of finding you the perfect Berlin apartment for rent. I’m here to help you through the Berlin bureaucracy and find you the perfect place to call “home”.”

Hila - Business Consultant

I’ve got extensive experience gained from working in many sectors of business, and my family have always been involved in real estate. The outcome of this means I have real estate in my blood, a natural flair to helping Easy Move Berlin to succeed.

Michali - Relocation Consultant (Freelancer)

Years of hands-on experiences mean both myself and my relocation team are thoroughly familiar with all procedures for securing work and residence permits.


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What are Clients Saying

We aim to delight our clients; here’s some of the feedback they’ve given us.
Nora and Ronen
Negotiating a rental agreement in Germany is more complicated than in other countries. Rotem was responsive and professional and made the process far less stressful for us. Her assistance was invaluable and we highly recommend her services.
Loriel Sher
With the help of Rotem, we were able to quickly and easily find an apartment. The process was quick and professional. Highly recommend this to anyone that wants or needs help finding an apartment quicker and easier.
Nadav Gilad
Friendly team found us an apartment quickly and helped us get through the difficulties of landing our 1st apartment in Berlin. Highly recommend for anyone new in Berlin.
Yoav Hortman
Very honest and very professional. Very trustworthy, would recommend this service to everyone!
Yarden Ophir
Hila is a very nice person, a really great helper. She found me a wonderful apartment in a wonderful area, Kreuzberg with internet, a bed with a comfortable mattress and a window with shutters. It's close to public transport. I came from Israel to Berlin to a ready place of my own, clean and arranged. That's a real pleasure. I am recommended finding a place with this company. If you want a broker to find you an apartment, Hila is definitely that person.
Ofri and Rafael Paz
We met Hila and the team after a few long and stressful weeks of looking for an apartment in the city. Immediately after sending them our profile and documents, they took us to see a wonderful apartment, for the first time not in an "open house" with dozens of other applicants. The whole process was extremely quick and professional. Most importantly, Hila took care of everything for us, kept us informed through every step of the way and made the process much calmer and more pleasant.

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