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Your dream property awaits.
Whether you’re looking for a new home or you want to make a great return on investment in a limited time frame, there are many appealing opportunities in Berlin.

Whatever your preference, the possibilities are endless with a wide range of ways to make a savvy investment for some truly remarkable financial results.

Whether it’s a land that can be developed and used in an unexpected way, or maybe an apartment in a demanding area. Apply a new layout and design and you have an exquisite escape to be used by you at the times of your choice or rented to maximise income.
You may prefer a space for commercial, exhibition or another thrilling and lucrative activity.

No matter what your dream and interests are – we’ll go all out to support you in making it possible, affordable and surprisingly enjoyable.

our services


If you’re looking for some answers to questions on Berlin’s rental market, we can help. We provide personal consulting over the phone, Skype or even personal meetings in Berlin. The consulting service is €50 per hour.


Collecting, preparing and writing documents for applying to apartments. This includes a recommendation letter in German for landlords.

Apartments search

Our team works hard to find apartments that match your requirements. Utilising our broad network of real estate connections, our aim to ensure that you get the keys to the best option.


We can accompany you to visit apartments and to meet with landlords. In case you can't visit the apartment yourself, we will do it on your behalf. Personal service

Personal service

Everybody has unique needs and circumstances. We provide you with tailored customer service to ensure that you’re absolutely delighted with us and our service.

Work Process


An introductory meeting or a Skype call. The purpose of the call is to introduction between us and to gather your requirements. We also explain how Easy Move Berlin works.


Our team will start the search for a property that matches the client's requests.


We are able to view the apartments with with or for you.

Our team will start the search for a property that matches the client’s requests.
From this point and on the process is very dynamic and depends on clients and owners while we support you through the entire process.

Price range

Our prices are determined by your requirements and start from €1800 to a maximum of €6000. The consulting service is €50 per hour.


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