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Whether you are relocating to Berlin or are a Berliner, it is important to know what a “furnished” or an “unfurnished” apartment means.

As you may know, Berlin is full of laws and bureaucracy, some protect the tenant and some protect the owners. And just like everything in life it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The laws, in short are the following:

 If the apartment is unfurnished, it can be rented for unlimited time. The monthly rental payment can hardly be raised and it’s hardly possible to take the tenets out the apartment.

Furnished apartments can be rented to a maximum period of 35 months; once the contract ends the owner can increase the rental price. They are more in the laws and various implications on the tenets and owners.

Many of the unfurnished apartments do not even come with a kitchen and it is on the talent to put the kitchen.  Therefore one the once hand they are much chipper but it is also why owners are very careful and strict strict about[ who goes in].  The standard requirements applying to such an apartment are the following: SCHUFA, a long-term contract, (at least 3 salaries) in Berlin and they usually want to see that you have worked in the company over 6 month.

With furnished apartment is it much more flexible. But there is more to it

Unfortunately, as long as you are not living in Berlin for at least a year, your chances of renting a furnished apartment are relatively low for these reason: :

Suppose you send 20 emails to various apartment owners where you are interested in renting their apartment, usually only two or three will reply to your email, especially if it is not written in Germen.

 “Open House” – you contacted the owner of an apartment and he sent you a date where you can get an impression of the apartments. You will arrive on the scheduled date and with you will arrive at least 50 other people who are interested in the apartment (sometimes even 150 people will arrive). Among these people will be German-speaking locals, some of whom have been in Berlin for many years, so their chances are higher than yours to receive the apartment.

On this day everyone will get papers to fill, they will ask for all the documents and everyone will get ranked, those who ranked at top will get the apartment.

One of the things that most characterizes Berlin apartment owners is the fact that they prefer seniority in Berlin over an impressive bank account. The owners of the apartments are looking for tenants who have already settled in Berlin, so they prefer to take a tenant who has been in Berlin for a few years and has a steady and serious job rather than an immigrant who arrived a few months ago or even a year ago.

So can I find an apartment in Berlin? Yes!

You will be able to find a furnished apartment in Berlin, usually it’s all inclusive.  Bear in mind, that owners know that many can get an unfurnished apartments and therefore the price of furnished apartments are much more expensive. You’ll have to compromise the budget you assign to an apartment in Berlin.

No worries it is temporary!  You need a furnished apartment that will serve you for the first year or even two years in the city, find a good job, get a SCHUFA and continue looking for a long-term apartment.

It is important to understand that even finding a furnished apartment for a period of six months to two years is not a simple task at all and you have to work on it and act super fast once you find something.  

Even with finished apartments they will ask for bank statements and such. And because everyone wants to move to Berlin an available furnished apartments will be rented within the first week it was published.

For sure some people where able to find apartments some furnished some unfurnished in good prices and with a short time, they are always exceptional cases where people got lucky or had the right connections.

Connections is key for finding apartments in Berlin

If you want to understand more about the Berlin market, don’t hesitate to schedule a consulting call with us. And if you want us to find you a furnished apartment just fill out the form. We recommend you to upload the documents already so the owners will know you are serious and to increase your chance of rent.

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