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Easy Move Berlin team is here to lead you to the apartment you love! Our team prepare your documents according to local requirements and support you through the process of agreeing leases with apartment owners. We aim to provide you with exceptionally professional service and high standards every step of the way.

our services


If you’re looking for some answers to questions on Berlin’s rental market, we can help. We provide personal consulting over the phone, Skype or even personal meetings in Berlin. The consulting service is €50 per hour.


Collecting, preparing and writing documents for applying to apartments. This includes a recommendation letter in German for landlords.

Apartments search

Our team works hard to find apartments that match your requirements. Utilising our broad network of real estate connections, our aim to ensure that you get the keys to the best option.


We can accompany you to visit apartments and to meet with landlords. In case you can't visit the apartment yourself, we will do it on your behalf.

Personal service

Everybody has unique needs and circumstances. We provide you with tailored customer service to ensure that you’re absolutely delighted with us and our service.


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Work Process

Easy Move Berlin

Initial introduction

Initial introduction over a phone call or a meeting


Our team processes the information you sent to us. We can use this to determine whether we can help you find an apartment or not. If so, we then send you a quotation. The documents are proof of your ability to pay the rent. The price will be determined according to the requirements you provided to us in the form.


An invoice will be send to you according to the agreed terms and services. 


Initial introduction

Initial introduction over a phone call or a meeting

Form & Documents

You will need to fill out the requirements form and send us any documents that prove your ability to pay rent. (Employment contract/Bank statement/Schufa) 


If you want to make changes to the proposal, we can negotiate the terms and price.


Payment must be made within 14 days of invoice issuance. Our team will start working once payment is complete.

Our team will send you offers and updates on apartments that can accommodate you, while you sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Price range

Our price is determined upon your requirements and starts at €300 to a maximum of €700. If you need our consulting service, we offer this at €50 per hour.


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