What is SCHUFA? Why do you need it?

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If you want to rent an apartment in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany or get a mortgage, you are likely to be asked to provide a salaried or bank report called “SCHUFA”.
The SCHUFA is a report of your financial situation, which is provided by a company called, surprisingly, SCHUFA. The SCHUFA designed to give you a ranking that weighs your economic stability and payment history, in order to provide security for renters when they are looking for a new tenant. The report comes with a final score, scores above 95 are considered very good and above 97.5 are superb.

How to get the SCHUFA?

Fill out an online form on the company’s website and the report will be mailed to you after a period of one to four weeks.

Schufa company is required by law to provide every resident of Germany with a basic Schufa report for one year free of charge. Beyond this, the company offers services you can pay for such as accelerated processing, receipt of the report online and not by mail, etc.

To get the Schufa go to https://www.schufa.de/en/.

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